Thursday, 11 September 2014

The House

WALT:use varied sentence beginnings and lengths What I did well was using describing words I think next time I will use more information

Screenshot 2014-09-11 at 10.03.01.pngBleached weatherboards cried. Doors left standing for 2 years no one  was caring for the house.Torn patches of old newspaper fell spouting hung from the roof it sounds like the all blacks are playing rugby from the ceiling  but there not its possums and mice fighting over something. Long grass grew and grew getting taller and taller.Water dripped from the ceiling  creating a puddle.


  1. hey dayanah i like your post and your witting .

  2. Hi Day I really like your House story and your Start of your Story. I wonder what writing we are going to do next.

  3. E pai hoki kia koe kite tuhituhi mote whare

  4. Wow Dayanah What an amazing story, You described the house really well and made it seem scary. I remember having to write a story that described a pitcher. Keep it up

    1. Thanks jazzinda for your comment :)